Career Development


Career Development

We believe that you should have the opportunity to develop and grow during your time with Castlefield. For this reason, you’ll be able to take advantage of our Training and Development program, delivered by the Castlefield Academy. We’ll agree a plan with you to ensure your continuous professional development and then commit to covering the cost of the agreed training, examinations and/or courses, together with related expenses.


Castlefield Academy

The Academy creates clear and transparent career pathways for all teams in the business. We believe that all those who share the Castlefield values and purpose and develop their technical and interpersonal skills can move up within the ‘hive’.

We have successfully launched a ‘Lunch and Learn’ initiative where we organise a number of topical seminars with internal and external guests covering a wide range of topics. All co-owners are invited to come along with their lunches to listen to topics ranging from ‘Basics of Retirement Planning’ to ‘Gold Mining in Colombia’!


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Whether you work in Investment Management, Financial Advice, Compliance, Finance or any other department, we want to ensure we help you to be the best at what you do. It’s therefore paramount that we provide you with a dedicated time in which you can focus on yourself and your development. We want all our co-owners to have at least 35 hours of CPD time recorded every year.

Each co-owner also has access to over 100 eLearning modules and a number of events and seminars that take place in and around Manchester, which are accessible and relevant CPD options.

Our Manchester hub is buzzing with people exchanging ideas, learning from each other, talking about revision, past papers and attending workshops.


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