Who are we?

Here at Castlefield we act as a trusted investment manager and financial adviser for individuals and organisations who seek to make a world of difference and an outcome where business is seen within a context of environmental, ecological and social impacts.

We are a medium-sized, growing, employee owned business. We invest significant resources into attracting and developing talented individuals. We aim to create a unique culture of respect and responsibility where independence encourages innovation. We have created consistent and transparent career pathways for each function within our business that focus not only on technical knowledge but also on developing soft skills.


Our Expertise

Castlefield Advisory Partners

The financial planning arm of our group provides tailored investment, pension and protection advice to private individuals and the businesses they own and work for and the not-for-profit organisations they help to run. Whether clients are looking for advice focused on one issue or would like a holistic review of their finances, we can offer a service to suit their needs and personal values.

Castlefield Investment Partners

The discretionary investment management arm of our group manages money for private individuals, charities and the clients of other professionals. Offering a flexible approach to investment we work with our clients to develop the best approach to achieving their goals, whilst always respecting their values.

Castlefield Fund Partners

Our investment funds business manages our own range of collective funds and also aims to offer this facility to other investment managers and advisers. Each fund is configured to deliver a specific investment objective, generating the desired outcome in accordance with the detailed terms of its own prospectus.



Winners and Spinners Report 2017

Report reveals best in class ethical funds but disappointingly also uncovers evidence of ‘greenwash’.

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We are delighted that Castlefield has received some recent recognition for our expertise.

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