Investment Management

There are times when a business has excess cash to invest. If and when that happens, we’re here to help. Working closely with your directors, we’ll agree the right course of action to ensure that our approach works in harmony with your business strategy.

Often, effective financial planning is the first step for a business which finds itself fortunate enough to have resources beyond its current needs. It may well be appropriate to arrange for a return of capital or dividend to be paid to shareholders, so that they can in turn invest the money on their own behalf. Alternatively, making use of legitimate and sensible tax planning could result in contributions to corporate or individual pension arrangements, at which point cash can be invested within a tax free environment.

We have considerable experience of managing money within a range of pension arrangements established for businesses, their shareholders, directors and employees. Although so-called ‘defined benefit’ company pension schemes are increasingly rare, where they still exist their effective funding, administration and ongoing management are crucial - not only to the futures of the pension scheme members, but often also to the very survival of the sponsoring company itself. We've worked closely with such schemes to help their trustees to understand their obligations and along with the sponsoring company, to implement a move to a more palatable and agreed balance between scheme and sponsoring company risks.


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