No two investors are alike. At Castlefield, we understand the intensely individual nature of financial advice. An investor's investment portfolio, much like the portfolio of an artist, is an expression of the self.

A service that embraces this truth simply cannot be provided on an identikit basis. Instead it demands a hands-on approach, in which we’ll work in close partnership with you, to realise your specific aspirations.

At the outset we’ll listen to what you want for your investments. We’ll tell you honestly what we can deliver and what you can expect from us. We’re available by phone and email, but most of all in person to provide expert advice and assistance.

The thoughtful investor’s greatest asset is individuality.

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Winners and Spinners Report 2015

Report reveals best in class ethical funds but disappointingly also uncovers evidence of ‘greenwash’

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We are delighted that Castlefield has received some recent recognition for our expertise.

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Responsible, Ethical and Thoughtful

Over the past 30 years, the UK’s market for responsible investment has grown to represent £13.5bn of invested capital...

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