With our founding partner having nearly 30 years of close association with the third sector, unsurprisingly many of our clients are charities, social enterprises or other not-for-profit organisations. In fact, we’re proud to manage the investments of more than 50 such organisations, and a substantial part of Castlefield is actually owned by a charity.

What unites our client base is the fact that we only look after the funds of like-minded organisations and people. Our clients are people who like their investments managed in a highly personal way. People who share a desire for a long-term relationship – a relationship based on in-depth mutual understanding, trust, and closeness.

We know your hard-earned funds are precious. That’s why we take so much pride and care in looking after them. Ever since Castlefield was formed, we’ve made it our number one priority to understand exactly what our clients want and don’t want doing with their funds.

This knowledge is really important to us because it means we can develop and manage truly individual investment portfolios. After all, every organisation and individual is different, with different objectives and different attitudes to risk.

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