Overview Advisory Service

If you’ve already decided that you simply need advice on a particular aspect of your financial affairs, for example advice on how to invest a lump sum, then our Overview Advisory Service could well be the ideal approach for you.

That said, it’s important that we help you to decide at the outset whether it’s sensible to restrict our advice to one particular area. Hopefully, if it’s help with investing your money you need, we can make sure that how you invest your money in future is more attuned to the values you live by in your day-to-day life.

Unlike the Comprehensive Advisory Service, the Overview Advisory Service won’t look at your overall financial needs in a holistic manner, so our advice won’t take into account any wider current or likely future needs you may or may not already have identified. We’ll simply help you with the agreed aspect of your financial needs.

The advantage of this service is that its objectives are clear and understood by us both at the outset. That said, if during our discussions it appears that you have more complex needs, then one outcome could be not to proceed with this particular service or perhaps to consider our Comprehensive Advisory Service instead.

The Overview Advisory Service includes not only our initial advice but ongoing advice, delivered in the form of an annual review. Ordinarily this will take place over the telephone but you may opt for a face-to-face meeting for an agreed additional charge.

We’ll typically provide access to proactive, discretionary investment management which, as for the Comprehensive Advisory Service, offers access to an experienced investment management and stewardship team; combining financial returns with a responsible investment approach.

Our brochure and insert explain more about the features and benefits of the Overview Advisory Service and how it fits into our full range of services. Finally, our Client Agreement explains more about how we’ll work with you and what the likely initial and ongoing costs will be.

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