Castlefield Insights: Winter 2021
Dec 07/12/2021

The latest Castlefield Insights winter newsletter is the perfect antidote to cold dark nights and frosty mornings. Read more about how we’re using money to do good in our featured stock stories and stewardship reports. Plus, given it's the season of celebrations, we have some recent good news we'd like to share.

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Castlefield Insights Newsletter - Autumn 2021
Sep 08/09/2021

Autumn is often associated with the fall of leaves, however this season’s Castlefield Insights newsletter focuses on “green shoots” around the post-pandemic recovery and the build up to the UN’s climate change conference COP26

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Employee ownership day 2021
Jul 12/07/2021

One of our co-owners Nathan Cameron, gives an account of his experience celebrating his first EO day, an annual celebration of all things to do with employee ownership.

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Castlefield Insights - Summer 2021
Jun 07/06/2021

Our Summer Issue of our newsletter - Castlefield Insights, your trusted source for news, views and reports from the Thoughtful Investing world.

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Castlefield Insights - Spring 2021
Mar 01/03/2021

In this issue of our newsletter, we celebrate Spring and the new beginnings the season brings.

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Co-owner close-up, Matt Ralph
Feb 11/02/2021

Matt Ralph was received our Core Award this quarter, based on nominations from colleagues.

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Castlefield Insights - Winter 2020
Dec 15/12/2020

We are proud to introduce Castlefield Insights, our seasonal newsletter. In this edition we explore "what does it mean to be good with your money?'

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My First Month at Castlefield - Barney Timson
Dec 09/12/2020

Our newest co-owner talks about how his first month working for Castlefield has been.

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How do you solve a problem like an ageing advice industry?
Oct 23/10/2020

Now more than ever, the financial advice industry is facing a potential supply crisis. Find out how at Castlefield, we are tackling this problem head on.

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Co-owner close-up, Michael Richardson
Aug 01/08/2019

Find out about Michael's life at Castlefield, he was recently elected as the firm’s ESOT Representative.

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