Q1 2018 Stewardship Report


For the first time, Castlefield intends to deliver quarterly Stewardship Updates. Our annual Stewardship Reports have proved popular but we feel that sharing what we are up to on a more regular basis will serve to give clients an up-to-date picture of our stewardship and engagement efforts. These more frequent updates will not be instead of the in depth annual report, but as well as. At the end of the second quarter we will provide a Report that covers the entire previous year. This is to ensure that we’re not only providing regular insight into our activities, but are also giving a picture of how that builds over the course of a year and what patterns emerge in our voting.

The inaugural issue covers our activities throughout the first quarter of 2018. This includes our voting at shareholder meetings and case studies to provide insight into our conversations with companies.

We hope you find it interesting and informative! Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the work detailed in the report.


Stewardship Report Q1 2018


Written by Kate Hewitt and Ita McMahon