The Great Gaeia Bake Off

The Great Gaeia Bake Off The week of 25th February began with Fairtrade fortnight, and here at Gaeia we celebrated the occasion with a ‘Bake Off’, a competition involving employees baking an array of cakes using as many Fairtrade ingredients as possible. The event was a great success, with everyone getting involved in creating (or at least eating!) delicious cakes. Those who chose not to practise their baking skills were encouraged to make a donation to the Fairtrade cause. Even Gaeia clients who visited our office on the day were encouraged to sample the delights on offer. Following the horse meat food scandal, Fairtrade attracted a boost in sales, with The Fairtrade Foundation saying 2012 sales rose 19 per cent on the year previous to £1.57billion. Cocoa sales were 21 per cent sweeter with bananas 15 per cent. And in 2009, despite the start of the recession, figures from the market research firm TNS show that consumers are spending more on Fairtrade products. The independent survey, of 25,000 households, found the cost of the average purchase grew over the last year (2009) by 5.5% from £18.19 to £19.17. This is fantastic news and demonstrates the UKs leaning towards fair and ethical products. In the end there were no winners or losers at Gaeia- just some definite favourites!- including ginger cake, apricot flapjacks, brownies and raspberry chocolate cake. You can follow all the action on twitter @Gaeia #fairtradefortnight   photo 4 bakeoff bakeoff1 If you would like to find out more about Fairtrade, please visit their website for news and events   Posted by Hope Nelson Compliance code: SGBKBLG/180413