• Rory Hammerson

Partner, Investment Management

MA (Hons), CEFA

Originally from Wiltshire, I have spent my adult life in Scotland where I read Spanish at St Andrews. I joined Edinburgh Fund Managers in 1994, working for two years covering Japanese Smaller companies, before finding a role at Scottish Widows to set up the Latin American Desk. In 2004, I moved desks to Europe to rebuild a small-cap fund. In 2010 I was recruited to Kempen Capital Management UK as CEO, running the sustainable portfolios as well as managing the firm. It was there that I was introduced to Castlefield which became KCM’s first UK client and, subsequently, my new home in September 2017. I joined specifically to manage the Castlefield Sustainable European Fund, which launched in November 2017. Day-to-day I work closely with the Manchester-based investment team.

I read avidly and keep active by walking the dog. I design, build and test fly gliders from the hills around Edinburgh. I am a trustee of three charitable trusts all involved in adult social care. Social care is a particular area of interest due to the structural challenges facing the system. Recently I have been involved in fund raising to support young people who have been through the care system in Scotland, and who very often leave care aged sixteen without any real support networks or opportunities.