Meet the team

  • Andrea Morandin

Executive, ACD Operations

BSc (Hons), MSc

Originally from Treviso, a city close to Venice, I moved from Italy to the UK to explore the Northern European culture and further my professional development. With prior experience in the fashion industry, I joined Castlefield in July 2021 after having completed an MSc in Finance at Lancaster University. What attracted me to Castlefield is its corporate purpose of trying to effect positive, permanent change on communities through what it does best, bridging the gap between thoughtful investors and ESG-focused companies. I love Castlefield’s unique employee-owned structure, which sustains co-owners’ entrepreneurial spirit and our commitment to best practice.

Within the firm’s Authorised Corporate Director operations, my role is to support the team to successfully perform the required fund oversight functions, liaising with the Depository, Fund Administrator and Transfer Agent, to ensure that investors’ funds are managed effectively and in line with regulatory standards. The position provides an incredible opportunity to have a holistic understanding on how open-ended funds operate.

Outside the office, I am an enthusiastic rugby player and a long-suffering supporter of the Italian national rugby team. I have a passion for aviation and I have held a Private Pilot License for four-seater aircraft since 2008.