Comprehensive Advisory Service

Designed for clients who wish to benefit from working closely with us in creating a full financial plan, our Comprehensive Advisory Service is intended to be a proactive, ongoing arrangement. Not only will we help you to make the right financial decisions today, based on your present circumstances, but we’ll also try to ensure that you retain sufficient flexibility to react to all of the challenges and opportunities you’ll encounter along the whole of life’s journey.

Why not have a look at how we’ve been able to help some of our existing clients?

We like to adopt a holistic approach – ideally looking at your current position, personal circumstances and values and then framing our advice within the context of both your short term ambitions and your longer term personal goals.

The Comprehensive Advisory Service includes both our initial advice (to establish your financial plan) as well our ongoing advice, via an optional annual face-to-face meeting.

Many of our existing clients take advantage of the proactive, discretionary investment management service provided by our sister company, Castlefield Investment Partners LLP. This offers the chance to work closely with an experienced investment management and stewardship team and aims to provide you with the financial security you need, whilst reflecting your personal values. By holding the companies in which you’re invested to account we’ll strive to make sure that they become and remain good corporate citizens.

Our brochure and insert explain what we have to offer and how the Comprehensive Advisory Service fits into our full range of services. Finally, our Client Agreement explains more about how we’ll work with you and what the likely initial and any ongoing costs will be.

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