Castlefield B.E.S.T Sustainable Portfolio Fund


The Castlefield B.E.S.T Sustainable Portfolio Fund (The Fund), aims to achieve growth in both capital and income for investors who are comfortable with an investment time horizon of at least five years. To achieve this, our in-house team will invest mainly in a range of other collective investment funds managed by the same team, alongside carefully selected funds managed by other highly regarded investment houses. Being a portfolio fund, the range of investments from which the team may choose is wide and includes exposure to the likes of both UK and globally listed shares, fixed interest securities and other complementary investments, such as commercial property and specialist funds. The Fund may also invest directly in underlying shares and other investments; all with the aim of the Fund as a whole offering an efficient and effective balance between risk, potential return and total cost.

As research has shown, the biggest factor in achieving good long term returns is the effective management of a portfolio’s exposure to broad categories of investment (like shares on the one hand or fixed interest securities on the other), rather than the choice of any one individual share or security, a portfolio fund offers you an effective means of accessing actively managed, multi-faceted portfolio management in one place. In effect, beyond your initial decision to invest in the Fund, all of the subsequent difficult choices are taken care of. Not only that but, unlike other portfolio funds, the Fund combines our proprietary B.E.S.T responsible investment approach with a focus on funds and other investments with a ‘sustainability’ theme.

The B.E.S.T Approach is a proprietary investment selection system to assess the merits of competing investment choices. The system incorporates four main criteria to assess both financial and non-financial attributes, which we believe will affect long-term investor returns. These are:

B - Business & Financial

E - Environmental & Ecological

S - Positive Social Influence

T - Transparency & Governance

If you wish to invest for the long term, are happy to trust a professional team to look after your money and recognise the benefits of investing both responsibly and sustainably, then the Castlefield B.E.S.T Sustainable Portfolio Fund could be for you.


Important material to read before you apply: 

Key Investor Information Document (KIID) - Founder Class

Key Investor Information Document (KIID) - General Income Class

Supplementary Information Document (SID)

B.E.S.T Sustainable Portfolio Fund Factsheet


Additional Resources:

Fund Prices

Financial Statements


Target Market Assessment - Castlefield B.E.S.T Sustainable Portfolio Fund

B.E.S.T Sustainable Fund Range Screening Policy



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