Trevor Lincoln

Employee Ownership Consultant

I’m here to help the employees develop and grow the employee ownership culture of the business. I’ve been involved since 2012.

I began my career in the banking sector and was all set to move to Botswana when I was persuaded by my then line manager to stay in the UK and move into HR. This was an unexpected but pivotal career move, which uncovered a love of people development. In time I moved on from banking and joined Eaga, where I was invited to serve on the Board of the Eaga Benefits Trust, managing assets of £160m on behalf of Eaga’s past and present employees. This gave me an opportunity to help to develop a range of employee engagement initiatives, ranging from Share Incentive Plans to Florida holiday homes! Since leaving Eaga I’ve served as Interim Chief Executive of the Employee Ownership Association and developed my own business specialising in employee engagement.

Outside work I enjoy an active social life with the friends my wife and I have built up in our village. We’re busy parents but still find time for dog walking and foreign travel.