Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) Services

Whether you’re the investment manager of an existing authorised investment fund, planning to launch a fund for the benefit of an identified group of investors or perhaps a financial adviser considering the benefits of a fund tailored to the needs of your own clients, we’d like to talk to you about how we can help.

Castlefield Fund Partners Limited (CFP), part of the Castlefield employee-owned group, is able to provide an independent Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) service to financial advisers and talented investment managers. Put simply this means that, working in close partnership with you, we’ll take on the full regulatory oversight of the fund, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – advising your clients or managing their money – whilst we worry about coordinating all of the day-to-day administrative and regulatory functions.

We’ve spent some time carefully building our team so that today, it includes individuals with long and extensive experience of launching, administering and even marketing investment funds.

We offer full project management – from initial concept, through all the legal and regulatory stages, to a successful launch. Beyond that, if you need our help in growing the fund we can take on that brief too. Don’t worry, we know it may all be new to you but thankfully we’ve done it before and can make the process understandable and smooth.


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