Castlefield Investment Partners LLP - Stewardship Code

This policy sets out Castlefield Investment Partners LLP's (“Castlefield's”) commitment to the principles of the Financial Reporting Council's (“FRC's”) UK Stewardship Code (the ”Code”) and also constitutes the disclosure of that commitment required under the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority (Conduct of Business Rule 2.2.3).

Castlefield acts as an investment adviser to a number of collective investment schemes and also separately maintains a number of direct segregated client relationships where it acts as a discretionary investment manager. In each of these cases Castlefield recognises its stewardship responsibilities as an asset manager and its compliance with the Code is set out below. Although the Code has been drafted with UK equity investments in mind, Castlefield manages investments across a range of asset classes and will also extend the same philosophy to those investments as well.

Please see our full Castlefield Investment Partners LLP - Stewardship Code



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